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16 Octaves

This painting was the follow up to “Synaesthetic Keyboard”

Each of these 16 Octaves is identical in color sequence. Three octaves appear on each of the grand pianos, which themselves are part of the 16th octave.

This is possibly the most challenging masking taped piece that I’ve done. Each of the 180 piano keys requires two tiny pieces of tape, making for 370 individual tape placements and removals. each of which had be laid down in an order that accommodated drying time because of overlaps of tape onto other keys.  This painting was done while summer vacationing in 2005 where I had a lot of time (and paint!) on my hands.

In this piece, we view the larger octave from above, looking down from the opposite side of where there player would be positioned.  The grand pianos/black keys are positioned from the player’s point of view.

acrylic on canvas  12 x 24

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