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This is an early attempt of mine at a cubist construction. Here, two perspectives of an upright piano with sheet music are represented simultaneously in stacks of building blocks over a background of rectangles in three shades of umber.

acrylic on canvas  16 x 20


  1. Robert says:

    Sounds dumb and expensive to me.The snbliese way to teach a kid to ride is to take the crank out of their bike altogether. Let them learn to balance by walking the bike on a level surface. Then by coasting down very gentle gradients. Then onto steeper gradients. Then replace the cranks, but with just one pedal. This gives them a footrest and gets them used to at least resting their feet on the pedals. Finally on a gentle down gradient replace both pedals and teach them to pedal.My son learned to ride in two hours by this method. For something that will only take a few hours why spend money on a gimmick?

  2. Jaylen says:

    I had no idea how to approach this berfoe-now I’m locked and loaded.

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