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Music Room #2

Music Room #2 takes inspiration from the work of Kasimir Malevich’s Supremitist painting series.

As with Music Room #1, the practice rooms of the Royal Conservatory Of Toronto inspired the image represented here, which is a bird’s eye view of a rehearsal room with two pianos.

The four outer walls direct the eye to the center, their color deliberately matching those of the two pianos. All the visual action takes place in the room where two sheets of piano music positioned vertically on the bright red carpet simultaneously provide a counterbalance to both the two grand pianos and the horizontal direction of the floorboards.

This series of fours music rooms was the culmination of my experimenting with masking as a technique, after which I largely abandoned extreme straight lines and edges, favoring free hand applications of brush stroked outlines.

acrylic on canvas   30 x 24

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