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Music Room #1

Music Room #1 was inspired by the style of American painter, Stuart Davis and by my many visits to the instruction rooms Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, which are furnished with nothing but a grand piano.

A set of floating rectangles, balanced in both color choice and angularity, represent the walls, floor and carpet of this music practice room. At its center we have a grand piano tilted onto the bass end of the keyboard. Without the music sheets above and below the piano, the images in this room seemed static and disconnected.  Once added to the composition, the two sheets of music activated all the geometries of the room into a single floating suspension by seemingly holding the piano in its tipped position.

This series of fours music rooms was the culmination of my experimenting with masking as a technique, after which I largely abandoned extreme straight lines and edges, favoring free hand application of paint.

acrylic on canvas   30 x 24

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