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I doodle a lot on paper. Any scrap will do. It’s almost a nervous habit for me. Doodles are what sparked my initial interest in painting pianos, they are what sparked this painting.

Based on a simple doodle of stick figures, this painting was created in about an hour using some orange, red and yellow paint leftover on a painting palet and a small piece of foamboard laying around my studio. I began with the figures then added the  Tony Bennet inspired skyline. The arms are inspired by one of my favorite sculptures,”Kiss” by Constantin Bercusi.

Two central figures dominate the landscape, alone together in a crowded world. Is this a romantic embrace? A Platonic embrace? A friendly embrace? I see four different sets of figures here, two embracing, two kissing. Which head belongs to which body? In which direction are they facing?

There are two differently sized follow up versions of this image (one commissioned)  as well as several commissioned giclee reproductions.

acrylic on foamboard   8 x 9


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