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Circles and Squares

This is part of my early explorations of color balance. At this point I was also beginning to explore a more textured approach to laying paint.

The body of this upright piano is essentially an illusion as it is created through the use contrasting colors intersecting the main circles and squares. Once the keyboard was added the illusion became a reality.

acrylic on canvas  14 x 14

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  1. Calvino says:

    Please tell me you will be moving Star over to the shape soctien. Come on, nobody’s going to be able to tell me Star is a texture. As someone who still uses Xenofex 1 from time to time (have to use my old version of photoshop for it) and who is a big fan of Eye Candy I’m happy to hear that you tried to combine them, sort of. But honestly, I’m looking to be blown away and at this point, you’ve set the bar pretty high why you left out things like burnt edges and crumpled is beyond me I’m sure you have your reasons but I think you should’ve created THE killer filter set and put all the big guns together in a package that would be a must have one package.. up the price a bit if you need to, but all the splitting up of filter sets is disheartening and if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

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