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Variation on a Keyboard Theme-3 Octaves

This is one of a series of variations on a theme of keyboards.

In this composition, a background of horizontal streaks of color hosts three transparent octaves with solid color on the ‘black’ keys.

acrylic on canvas  10 x 30



  1. Jayssa says:

    Thanks for posting these phoots Mrs Millington.I saw the Russian musicians at the RNCM and they also performed with some of our children as part of the concert. Burton in 4MB and Harry in 4LW were very proud to have performed with such wonderful musicians.Mr Billington

  2. Alegrando says:

    friend was slightly drunk and was suspepod to be giving me directions. She was doing a fine job until she forgot to tell me about the stop sign that I blew right through because I didn’t see it in the dark! And just my luck, there was a cop car sitting right on the other side of the intersection. Lucky for both of us the cop didn’t seem to be paying any attention because I didn’t get pulled over!

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