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Pablo Trio

This painting began as simple treble clef. Much as I liked the finished graphic image with its psychedelic spirals, I felt it needed more support so I decided to add a few notational icons around the clef.

First, I added two whole notes on either side of the clef. At this point, these notes combined with the rounded centre of the clef appeared to me as an of Picasso. I could also see Picasso’s face in both front view and in profile.

I then added two slur markings, one above the right eye and one above the top of the clef , after which an ear shaped bass clef was added at the right. A keyboard was added at the mouth. When I stepped back I could suddenly see three faces, the aforementioned two plus a third defined by of the right whole note and the spiral of the top at the top of the treble clef.

acrylic on canvas   11 x 14


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