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The oboe is arguably the most emotive instrument in the orchestra. The instant it sounds a definitive mood is set, which is why it is such a favorite instrument for orchestral composers. The oboe is also the instrument assigned to provide the initial tuning note to the orchestra prior to a performance.

I am fascinated by the mechanisms of reed and woodwind instruments and their linear complexity. This piece features one single continuous black line, beginning at the double reed mouthpiece, zigging and zagging through the rod system and key mechanism punctuated with dots of color, and finally rounding at the bell.

The wood grain background representing the woodwind aspect of the instrument is actually paint on canvas.


acrylic on canvas  10 x 30

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  1. Levis says:

    I can’t get to Target soon enough. I think my son (who is autiitsc and seriously motivated by music) would love this toy. I love that the child is part of the creation process and needs to fit things in their places instead of just randomly hitting buttons. His birthday is coming up…thanks for this post!!

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