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Mosaic (#2)

‘Mosaic (#2’) is inspired by the work of Paul Klee.

Instruments, notation and various shapes of bright color interact in an abstract pattern dance to create a visual piece of music.

acrylic on canvas   16 x 20


  1. Ajay says:

    Guiter players don’t gerenally read sheet music like a pianist would. Instead they read something called tab which has lines for each string (so if you’re playing a standard, six string guitar, theres six lines, each referring to the E, B, G, D, A, and E strings respectively). Thus you could find something like this: – 1 3 3 -2- 2 This would mean finger and pluck the 2nd fret of the E string. Then pluck both the D and A strings simultaneously with your fingers moving to the 3rd frets of each of these strings. Then pluck the G string while putting your finger on the 1st fret. Then finally moving to the A string and plucking it while putting your finger on the 2nd fret. When you have numbers stacked up vertically it signifies a chord (which is just a combination of notes). Individual numbers are just notes. Remember it is read left to right as well, as you would expect.You can find tab online for pretty much any song. But be wary because some it is terrible, as people tab there own music.

  2. Dirra says:

    depends what you want. as a band i guess you think more people per sruaqe mile more people at your show and more potential for people at your show that are in the BIZ. (although really that just means more people at the band before you who then go to the bar afterwards leaving you to play to your girlfriend and any of your poor relatives in town showing support)I like ny in comparison to other US cities. except for when i just want to find a nice quiet place to kill time.

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