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More Love Love More (2)

Inspiration is everywhere. While walking in my neighborhood, I noticed someone had scratched the words ‘More Love’ into wet pavement cement.

A painting was born. I created the loop that reads as More Love, Love More and set it to a graph of eight by eight squares.

I count three influences here, Paul Klee, Jasper Johns and Robert Indiana. Four if you include John Lennon.

This is the larger of the two “More Love Love More” paintings I’ve done. It is also the most requested piece I have for poster and reproduction purposes.

This painting spawned a series of smaller paintings where a single set of the words More Love is set in such a way that reads both backwards and forwards.  (see paintings entitled More Love on this site).

I have also composed and produced a song and video with this title which can be viewed here.

acrylic on canvas 30 x 30


  1. ANNE TAIT says:

    love your painting and enjoyed the song illuminating it
    Who is Amelia Ettinger, the singer?

  2. Christelsita says:

    Thanks so much Kylie! But you know the opposite is also true hainvg only really used traditional media I find I’m somewhat of a fish out of water when it comes to using digital media. Hence, my digital painting looks pretty much like I painted a portrait with oils on a canvas (it has a similar feel to my Sam Gamgee portrait). And I approached it much as I would an actual painting. Those who learned with Digital media can do things I have not a clue about

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