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This is the one of a series of eight musicians I painted in a two week period during the summer of 2008.

The harp has been in existence for millenia, and for good reason. It possesses a delicate, ethereal sound, and is capable of playing bass, chords and melody simultaneously, as a piano does. It is equally comfortable in the role of solo performance or accompaniment, especially to singers and singer/songwriters. Visually it is one of the most beautiful musical icons with its carved soundbox, decorated soundboard, curled crown and irregular triangular shape. The modern harp is a very challenging instrument to write for because of  it complex pedaling requirements.

The background colors for Harpist , as with the entire ‘Musician series, are inspired by Henri Matisse.

When hung together, this group of musician figures has the life force of a band in performance.  The series hung in a Toronto theatre, for several years.

acrylic on canvas  16 x 20.

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