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For Grace And Elegance Of Style

The ¬†music manuscript used here to create the grand piano cutout features a piano etude designed to develop the student’s grace and elegance of style.

This is a cousin of my Tipping Point series of paintings, where I was exploring both color and graphic balance using minimal areas of volume.

The grand piano’s curve is mirrored in the magenta and blue grey backgrounds. In the physical world, this keyboard would fall off its resting point, but visually, the piano and backgrounds hold it satisfyingly in place.

The sheet music used here is composed by Johann Burgmueller; the actual composition  inevitably became a staple of Warner Brother cartoons chase sequences.

acrylic on canvas




  1. Zenica says:

    its just that:ok say u are on middle c and theers a black note to the very right of it then that is c sharp and the if theers a black note to the very left thats c flat not sure if the black keys to c are in that position but its just whatever key is to the extreme right of a key than thats its sharp and whatever is to the extreme left than thats its flat.hope i helped and didnt confuse u even more .

  2. Anastasija says:

    I am very careful not to skid on moss. When I can’t avoid it alotgether, that is.Seriously? I grew up green, just not neon. With driving, you go for the smallest efficient engine and keep it in tune. You drive off the top half of the tank and thus get better mileage. You do not race to gain 5 seconds before a light changes, but try to maintain a steady driving speed just under the limit without riding either gas pedal or brake, and then try to time your arrival at traffic lights when they are green, within those restrictions. It’s sort of like a videogame, only it’s a sim, only it’s a roleplay, only it’s omigod, playing OUTSIDE of the computer! I am in real life .which means we could run..puff..huff.. out..gasp ..of..air ..

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